1.You want to find all files on your server that have either theSGID or SUID permission set. Which c

1.You want to find all files on your server that have either theSGID or SUID permission set. Which command should you use to obtaina list of these files? Select one: a. find / -perm +6000 -type f b. find / -perm +4000 -type f c.find / -perm +2000 -type f d.find / -perm +1000 -type f 2. Which of the following octal file permissions represents readand write access for the owner, read access for the group, and noaccess for anybody else? Select one: a. 664 b. 420 c. 640 d. 421 3. What does the following command accomplish? # chown one:two three Select one: a. It assigns ownership of the file three to the user one andthe group two b.It assigns ownership of the file one to the owner two and thegroup three. c. It assigns ownership of the file two to the owner one and thegroup three d.It assigns ownership of the file one to the owner three andthe group two. 4. What is the effect of typing cp -Rpf ./sample ~/ as anordinary user? (Choose all that apply.) Select one or more: a.The sample file or directory is copied from the currentdirectory to the user’s home directory. b.The copy operation halts at filesystem boundaries; if afilesystem is mounted somewhere under sample, it won’t becopied. c. Permissions and time stamps on the copied files arepreserved. d.If the target directory holds files of the specified names,they’re overwritten without prompting. 5. What mount option is required to enable user quota support onfilesystems that provide this support? Select one: a.usrquota b.quotaon c.addquota d. quota 6. Which of the following utilities should be used to delete anentire directory filled with files? Select one: a. deltree b. del c. rmdir d. rm -R 7. Where may users’ home directories reside? Select one: a. Only in the /home directory b. Only in the /users directory c. In any directory that resides on its own partition d. In any directory that can hold normal files 8. You want to give ownership of a file you’ve created toanother user. What must you do before you can do this withchown? Select one: a. Ensure that the target user has read access to the file b. Place the file in a directory owned by the target user c. Place the file on an ext2 filesystem d. Acquire root privileges 9. Which of the following directories is least likely to beshared via NFS? Select one: a. /opt b. /home c. /etc d. /usr/X11R6 10. What can symbolic links do that hard links cannot do? Select one: a. Use different names for the link and the linked-to file b. Link files on two different filesystems c. Enforce identical permissions on the link and the originalfile d. Provide easy access from GUI file managers . . .

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