150. According to Porter, companies that wish to dominate broad markets should operate using a _____

150. According to Porter, companies that wish to
dominate broad markets should operate using a ________ strategy.
A. Cost leadership with a low cost.
B. Differentiation with a low cost.
C. Cost leadership with a high cost.
D. All of these.

151. Which of the following demonstrates a company
that has implemented a low-cost, broad-market strategy?
A. Neiman Marcus.
B. Payless Shoes.
C. The Sharper Image.
D. Walmart.

152. If a business is following a focused strategy
then its competitive scope is ________.
A. Broad market.
B. Narrow market.
C. Broad range products.
D. Broad range of services.

153. When applying Porter’s three generic strategies,
Tiffany & Co. has a competitive scope and cost strategy that is
A. Broad market—high-cost strategy.
B. Narrow market—low-cost strategy.
C. Narrow market—high-cost strategy.
D. Broad market—low-cost strategy.

154. When analyzing the bookstore industry, some of
today’s businesses compete with different business strategies and cost
strategies. Which of the following is using a broad market competitive scope
along with a low cost strategy?
A. Amazon.com.
B. Any local independent book store that specializes in antique books.
C. Barnes & Noble.
D. Target.

155. Which of the following is similar to focused
strategy versus broad strategy?
A. Large market versus leadership.
B. Large market versus uniqueness.
C. Niche market versus large market.
D. Niche market versus generic.

156. Your boss, Tom Repicci, has asked you to analyze
the airline industry using Porter’s three generic strategies. Which of the
following companies are using a cost leadership strategy?
A. Southwest, Horizon, Frontier, JetBlue.
B. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic.
C. Sky Taxi—a rent-by-the-hour personal plane service.
D. All of these.

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