2. Why is this class important in your career? 3. Where did your personality come from (who is Eysen

2. Why is this class important in your career?
3. Where did your personality come from (who is Eysenck and what is his theory)?
4. Does testosterone predict or determine aggression?
5. In both sexes testosterone is associated with?
6. What is the job of neurotransmitters?
7. What are Mao’s?
8. What is the purpose of SSRI’s?
9. What is the purpose of using Prozac and Paxil?
10. What is the purpose of oxytocin?
11. What is Lombroso and Sheldons ideas about criminality?
12. What is the relationship between attractiveness and criminality?
13. What are the theories of learning and how do these theories impact criminality?
a. Behaviorism
i. Pavlov (Classical)
ii. Watson (Classical)
iii. Skinner (operant)
14. What is the social learning theory and how do these theories impact criminality?
a. Expectancy theory- Rotter
b. Modeling or observational learning- Bandura
c. Differential association reinforcement theory- Aker
15. What is frustration induced criminality and how does this theory impact criminality?
16. What are the situational instigators and regulators of criminal behavior
a. Authority
b. Deindividuation
17. What is the increase in thenumber of offenders diagnosed with mental health disorders over the past years?
18. What are the three types of elderly offenders?
19. What programs need to be developed within the institution for elderly offenders?
20. Why does CSC need to look at the elderly population in institutions?
21. What type of treatment do individuals with a Learning disorder need?
22. How many inmates are in the three elderly offender categories and what are the primary charges and problems for each of these groups?
23. What are learning disorders? How do we identify inmates with a learning disorder?
24. Do you think personality is shaped more by how one is raised or by ones genes? What about a criminal’s personality?
25. Why do individuals make criminal choices in their life?
26. How would you assist an individual with a developmental disability
a. Sight Hearing Arthritis …….

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