Aim is to promote youth development through an enabling environment where they feel accepted in… 1 answer below »

Aim, Objectives & Strategies

Aim is to promote youth development through an enabling environment where they feel accepted in order to contribute back to the community.

Objectives- 1. To help them understand how families work and how schools, communities and the peer groups help influence the behaviour of young people. Their performance in school or their mental health.


Create activities and other ways for family members to connect with the youth through skill building activities.

Engage the adults in developing soft skills.

Create extracurricular activities at the schools and in communities as well.

Help the youth to link with positive role models and look up to them for inspiration.

Objectives 2 – determine if they are dealing with any social or psychological dilemma.

Strategies –

Structure various activities that can develop a positive interaction among the peers.

Provide required assistance to provide parent education on effective parenting build on the grounds of empathy and acceptance.

Create certain codes of conduct which enable the youth and the adults to converse with the right attitude.

Create anti-bullying campaigns and seminars (Swearer et al 2017).

Objective 3 – create a safe environment where they feel free to express themselves, feel accepted regardless of their gender, ethnicity, race, colour, sexual orientation or any disability.

Strategies –

Help the parents and family members with more awareness and information about the LGBTI norms.

Provide skill building exercises that help them to develop respect for diversity.

Provide certain programs that specially addresses the feelings of diverse and discriminated groups of the community

Encourage to have discussions that convey the value of each member.

Objective 4-create safe spaces.

Strategies –

Help all youth of any gender, or background feel comfortable to express themselves.

Train the youth to communicate with others in a way that doesn’t involve bullying and help them build an empathetic attitude.

Make them identify hate speech and sarcasm and also prohibit that.

Enable them to understand with strategies on how to provide comfort and support to peers and others.

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