Bea, an amateur art collector, read the following ad in the paper: “Steven’s Art and Antiques -… 5 answers below »

Bea, an amateur art collector, read the following ad in the paper: “Steven’s Art and Antiques – The Finest inCollectibles – Internationally Recognised Artists!”Bea went to Steven’s store and spotted a large painting signed with the name “Master.” Bea asked Steven,”Is this an original Master?” “Sure,” Steven responded. When she asked about the price, Steven replied,”Well, considering the status of the artist, I couldn’t take less than $4,000 for it.” Knowing that an originalpainting by Arthur Master was worth at least $40,000, Bea immediately paid for the painting. Due to its size,however, Bea asked that it be delivered to her home and hung in her living room. Steven agreed and wroteup a dated invoice for “1 Master painting” to be delivered and installed at Bea’s address “sometime nextweek.” Steven initialled the invoice and marked it “Paid.”Steven did not deliver the painting the next week, but instead took it to Bea’s house the week following. Beawas not at home, so Steven left the painting on Bea’s porch. It rained later that day and part of the canvasmildewed. Bea went ahead and hung the painting in her home. She then called an art expert to evaluate thepainting for potential resale and get an estimate on fixing the mildew damage.Weeks later, when the art expert examined the painting, he informed Bea that the mildew could be removedfor $100, but the painting was not by the world renowned artist, Arthur Master. Instead, it was by a localartist, Andrew Master, and was worth approximately $400.In your answer to the following questions in detail, and include relevant case law to support your arguments:1. What are Bea’s potential claims in contract law against Steven? What are Steven’s potentialdefences? Who is likely to prevail in the event this case goes to court?(20 marks)2. Assume Bea prevails in her lawsuit against Steven. What remedies in contract law is Bea likely toreceive from the court?(10 marks) (Total marks: 30)

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