Blockchain is a new and upcoming transforming technology designed as a complete decentralised…

Part A


Blockchain is a new and upcoming transforming technology designed as a complete decentralised

system. The “Block” represents a set of records that needs to be saved and the “Chain” links those

blocks together for security purpose with the help of hashing function. Blockchain is simply a

database containing transactions validated by network community instead of a single centralised

authority. After validation, the data in the form of a block is linked to the previous block, hence

creating a Blockchain. Blockchain gained its recent popularity because of its applications like Bitcoin

and Ethereum. The report should cover the following points:

? Define Blockchain and discuss how Blockchain works.

? Explain the security features of Blockchain and its advantages.

Part B


Students need to read four to five articles about two Blockchain Applications to explore how these

applications work and their different features. Students have to research two Blockchain applications

and complete Task 1 and Task 2. The two Blockchain applications are assigned to students as per the

following list and Table 1.

a) Libra

b) Bitcoin

c) Ethereum

d) Dogecoin

e) Gridcoin

f) Namecoin


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