Choose two of the three prompts below on which to write two separate essays that each include… 1 answer below »

Choose two of the three prompts below on which to write two separate essays that each include an introduction with thesis sentence, supporting paragraphs with examples from our texts (citing page number or act, scene, and line numbers for direct quotations), and a memorable conclusion. (Be sure to write in complete sentences rather than in phrases.) You may use our texts (please do so in order to provide quotations that support your claims!), class notes, reading responses, and each other to prepare; just be sure to give credit for any borrowed ideas and/or phrases. I would prefer that you NOT do additional research, but if you do so, you must reveal the sources you consult. Upload your responses to Turnitin on Moodle by 2:15 pm today.

1. Compare treatments of gender and power in the plays we’ve read by Aristophanes, Goldsmith, and Ibsen. What different and/or overlapping resources does each playwright suggest that women and men have for influencing the world around them? Take into account the time and place in which each playwright wrote.

2. What do Shakespeare, Goldsmith, and Wilde suggest about deception in the comedies we’ve read together? When, if ever, is deception justified from the perspectives their plays present? What are deception’s uses and dangers? According to these plays, when does deception stop being funny?

3. Compare the attitudes toward death expressed by Hamlet, Oswald, and Troy. In what ways are the playwrights who created them condemning or affirming their attitudes? Which play’s approach to death do you find most helpful, and why?


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