Compose a 2000 words essay on Applied Thermodynamics Design Project. Needs to be plagiarism…

Compose a 2000 words essay on Applied Thermodynamics Design Project. Needs to be plagiarism free!saturated) at a given temperature,as well as partial pressure of air, it is greater than the saturation of water vapour, then the water will evaporate only from its surface (Benabed, 2012 )Usually, there is more evaporation on occupied swimming pools as compared occupied swimming pools. This difference is related to the occupant number, the activities on the surrounding environment and also the water conditions as well as the ambient air in the swimming pool hall. ASHRAE recommends the use of a correlation factor which ranges from 0.5 for residential pools to a value of 1.0 for the public pools. They also provide carrier evaporation rate equation for predicting the rates of evaporation of occupied pools.For improving efficiency, of the pools environment, these evaporation rates need to be kept at a low level at the same time maintaining a thermal comfort for the swimmers inside the water and also the pool hall space.This role is played by the air conditioning equipment.This study however aims at analysing the various parameters of thedesign of a swimming pool. The pool is an Olympic size and is located in residential location with activity Factor = 0.5. Considering these data, the other parameters such as the power load on the air conditioner, evaporation rate,etc. will be analysed (Sartori,2000)In order to clearly elaborate the energy movements in a swimming pool, we consider the figurebelow. The figure describes the flow of energy in the indoor swimming pool. It also shows the transfer modes that might occur in such a system.Air conditioning systems in indoor swimming pools are usually designed for theprovision of suitable thermal comfort conditions for users in the space pool hall. The indoor temperatures are kept at approximately 30 degcelcious (Mancic, 2014)The main factors contributing to energy loses of an indoor space pool hallinclude: Convection at the pool surface Qconv, evaporation at the pool’s surface QEvap, radiation from surface of


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