Compose a coherent written critical reflection in which you consider your career aspirations,… 1 answer below »

In considering your career aspirations throughout mini modules 1 and 2, you have been thinking about your own wellbeing; the personal and professional benefits of building resilience; and considering the kinds of skills employers want, with the underlying idea of exploring how you might actively begin to position yourself for your future career. For this assessment you are going to appraise your current skills, critically reflect on your career aspirations, and form a statement of this as a base line against which you can gauge your development over time. To complete this assessment, you are going to: 1. Evidence capability for your best/strongest skill using the STAR method 2. Compose a coherent written critical reflection in which you consider your career aspirations, current skills, and how your chosen course of study at Murdoch is part of your personal, professional and career development. Things that should inform your reflection and discussion: • • What motivates you to commit to the course of study you have chosen? • • How can you prepare for your professional future in a way that makes you employable; what skills and attributes will help you to be flexible and responsive to a changing world of work? • • What are your skill strengths, what skills do you need to work on, and why? • • How can your academic study be used as an environment for skills development? • • What can you do now in creating study/life balance that can also become strategy for maintaining a healthy work/life balance? Important: You should write this as a coherent piece of text with properly constructed sentences and paragraphing; and it should have a logical flow through the different points of discussion You may find it easier to compose and edit your reflection using a word processor such as MSWord; this will allow you to readily move information around and edit it as you go. You can then ‘copy and paste’ it back into the PebblePad workbook when it is completed. Murdoch University 14


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