Describe and discuss a nursing and/or midwifery workforce factor and a quality improvement…

Discussion Topic 1 (500 words):Describe and discuss a nursing and/or midwifery workforce factor and a quality improvement initiative that influence the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. You may choose to consider key quality and safety factors such as avoidable adverse events and/or hospital-acquired complications.

Discussion topic 2 (500 words):Read the conclusionsmade in the study, Ball et al., 2018. These can be seen both in the abstract and the last paragraph of the discussion section of the journal paper. In light of the conclusions made in the reading Ball et al 2018: What are the implications of the results of this study for nurse managers andfor bedside nurses?

For Discussion Topic -2, I will provide article (Ball et al., 2018) for it. Thanks

Each post should be no more than 500 words (total overall is 1,000 words).

Please use primary research.

Whether you agree or disagreewith the ideas in the topic, explain why with supporting evidence and related experience. Include in-text references. You may use a quote when appropriate. Be organized in your thoughts and ideas. Stay on topic. Provide evidence of critical, thinking and thoughtfulness in your responses. Avoid summarizing.


For the posts above, you will be assessed on the following criteria:
1) that you have examined the relationship between research and improvement in health care outcomes, and that you have
2) searched for evidence using databases.

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