Describe the contents of the intercostal spaces and where all the structures are located in… 1 answer below »

1. Describe the contents of the intercostal spaces and where all the structures are located in the space, relative to each other (e.g. where are the neurovascular structures relative to the muscles).

2. Describe the venous drainage of the intercostal spaces. Where do the intercostal veins drain into? Describe the azygos system.

3. Why is the sternal angle an important landmark? What thoracic structures are located in a transverse plane at that level?

4. Describe the lymphatic drainage of the breast.

5. Which major structures in the thorax are found in the mediastinum? Which major structures are found outside the mediastinum?

6. Answer the following questions about the diaphragm:

A. What are its attachments?

B. What motor nerve supplies it?

C. What three important structures pass through it? Describe the location of the hiatuses through which these structures penetrate the diaphragm.

D. What does the diaphragm do during breathing? (What is its action, and what is the effect?)

7. What are the visceral and parietal pleura, what are they attached to, and what are their functions?

8. Describe the structure of the pericardium of the heart, including the fibrous pericardium, parietal pericardium, visceral pericardium, and pericardial cavity.

9. Which of the following structures are found in/associated with the ventricles of the heart? Delete the ones that do not belong.

auricles, papillary muscles, pectinate muscles, moderator band, trabeculae carnae, chordae tendinae, opening for coronary sinus, sinoatrial node, left and right bundle branches

10. What usually causes a myocardial infarction? Which vessel(s) is/are involved?


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