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Your task is to develop a learning and development proposal to meet the needs of an identifiable group of individuals within a specific organisation. This will be based on a provided case study. Alternatively, you can choose to write about a group within your own workplace (with approval from the Subject Facilitator). The learning and development (L&D) proposal should describe and analyse appropriate interventions for the group, within its specific workplace context. The task aims to provide you with the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts introduced within the subject to a practical management/HRD context. Write your proposal from the perspective of you as an HRD professional, writing to senior management for approval. A key criterion is the ability to convince senior management, as the decision makers, that the proposal is both necessary and will produce positive organisational outcomes. In addition, you will need to develop a Learning Plan to support your proposal, which you will include as an appendix item. Please note that the appendix is not considered part of the word count. This assessment is linked to the Individual Verbal Pitch Assessment, in which you will be providing a simulated verbal ‘pitch’ to the senior management team within the relevant organisation, to support this written proposal. ________________________________________ In this assessment task you should: • Analyse, propose and describe L&D interventions appropriate to the workplace group and its context. • Underpin your proposal with adult learning and related learning and development and/or HRD theory and apply these to the specific group and organisational context. • Research specific competencies related to a job role/group and sector. • Write a coherent L&D proposal to a specific management audience and for a specific HRD group/purpose.


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