Develop an understanding of how innovations are conducted in organizations…


• To develop an understanding of an how innovations are conducted in organisations

• Understand the process and methodology of bringing innovative products and

solutions to themarket

• Develop an understanding of how customers play an important role in the

development of innovative market basedsolutions

• The assessment will prepare you to be able to develop valuable skills towardsthe

group venture plan


Innovation and creativity are growing in importance, within organisations pursuing

excellence and growth, in a competitive business world. Organisations use various

innovative methods and techniquesto ensure competitive advantage within their market

place and meet their customer’s needs. This assessment will encourage students toexplore

the methods and approaches undertaken by a leading organisation and to critique a global

brand name. The aim of this assessment is to identify the success of Alibaba Group. Students

will identify the attributes of the people, places, products and approaches that have made

the Alibaba on of the most valuable companies in the world.


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