Directions The ability to analyze and evaluate a case study is an importantskill. This week you will

Directions The ability to analyze and evaluate a case study is an importantskill. This week you will read the Adams vs. Uno Restaurants, Inc. casestudy and practice this skill by using the following steps: Skim the case study to understand the basic elements beingdiscussed. Read the case study slowly and make notes on the specificelements of the case and the associated laws. Respond to the following prompts: Summarize the main points of the case. What law is the basis for the Court’s ruling? Is it illegal under state law for an employer to retaliateagainst an employee for calling the state Health Department aboutan unsafe or unsanitary kitchen condition? Explain. CASE BRIEF: Adams v. Uno Restaurants, Inc. FACTS: After several years of employment by defendant, while workinghis nighttime line cooking shift, Adams noticed that the kitchenfloor of the restaurant was saturated with a foul smelling liquidcoming from the drains. Adams left work complaining of illness andcontacted the Department of Health about the drainage problem inthe restaurant’s kitchen. Upon returning to the restaurant a fewdays later, Adams was ordered into his manager’s office. Adams wasreprimanded for stealing a softball shirt and taking home a workschedule. A shouting match ensued and Adams was charged withdisorderly conduct, however the charges were later dropped and havesince been expunged from his record. Adams contends that he wasunlawfully terminated only because he notified the Board of Healthregarding the unsanitary kitchen conditions. ISSUE: Was Adams wrongfully terminated in violation of a statewhistleblower statute? Why or why not? Attached

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