I. All companies make adjusting entries. Review your selected company’s annual report and…

I.  All companies make adjusting entries. Review your selected company's annual report and answer the following questions in the 4.3 Discussion: Adjusting Entries forum: 

    • Find a line item listed on either the income statement or balance sheet that would indicate an adjusting entry was necessary and describe the entry.  
    • What do you think the effect would be on the company's financial statements if the adjustment was not made? Be specific. Name the statement, the category or accounts, and whether it would have increased or decreased.

II.  Read the posts of your classmates on their selected companies and reply to at least two of your peers.

Review the rubric that will be used to evaluate this assignment.

Important Note:

Please make sure to present the accounting data in all your post using proper accounting format.

Accounting data should be presented in columns and rows. If you not sure, just look how the data is displayed in the financial statements, and always start with most present year for Example:

                                             2014                                2013                    2012              2011

Sales                                     554,345                         543,300               490,600          494,200

Net Income                            344                                325                        310               320

This format make is easier for you to see how the organization/company is performing.

Always get the data from the annual report of the company as it will be the best source. There are also so many notes in the annual report that explain the changes in profits, sales …etc.

If you do not follow the format you will be graded accordingly. All have to follow the standards.

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