– IMC Project RequirementsThe IMC Project will involve you in developing an integrated marketing com

– IMC Project RequirementsThe IMC Project will involve you in developing an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan for a brand or local company of your choice (if you can’t come up with an idea by the start of November, contact me via email and we can arrange a time to call and discuss current clients that I know).   Select a brand or a company that you feel passionate about. You might select a brand that you believe has an obvious problem that can be helped by an IMC. For example, the brand may be organic but nobody that matters knows this, and because this is a growing market, there may be considerable growth potential that could be realized with a campaign that creates awareness, interest, desire, and gets action. Or you can choose a local company that you feel can do more to promote their product/service using the media communication tools we have covered in class. An IMC plan entails identifying a brand message and then conveying that brand message through a series of touch points that are relevant to the target customer. Please note, this is not a marketing plan or a business plan. The IMC plan focuses on what we traditionally refer to as the “promotion P”, and what we are now viewing as “how the company should communicate the value of the brand to the target audience.” The IMC Plan should identify who the customer is, what the customer wants, where the customer is, and how the company should communicate with the customer in the space they are in, with what message, and through which media. Your final report should be about 10–15 pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and I prefer single spaced paragraphs with double spaces between sections. Use APA format for your references. Keep in mind that you should use a professional writing style in complete sentences. This should be based on business English, and involve the correct use of marketing terminology. Use tables to summarize your information. A report is more likely to be implemented effectively if it is brief, but sufficiently detailed, clear, and relevant.   You should include the following sections/headings in your draft and final write up. Executive summary (1 page long, written last as a summary of the entire paper) Introduction to the company  Provide a detailed description of your company/brand (Re‐read Chapter 2 for how to talk about a brand, brand image). The description should include, at a minimum, the product’s name, trademark, color, shape, packaging, labeling, and any characteristics that you deem relevant. Describe the company’s Unique Selling Position (USP) & overall “brand message.”    Describe the company’s target market in terms of its size, segmentation, and the specific needs and wants of potential customers that your product or service is likely to satisfy. BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE: use library databases or www.census.gov to describe your target audience. See Chapter 4 for how to describe the market in terms of segmentation variables.  Tell me about the company’s competition.  SWOT analysis: Tell me the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company. Identify the external opportunities and threats that affect the company. You can present the SWOT analysis as a square table with bullet points.       IMC objectives  Describe the company’s CURRENT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (list the types of ads, promotions, social media, videos, newsletters, etc that the company currently uses to communicate with customers.) Evaluate the current communications plan (in what channels is the brand doing well? In which channels does the brand need to pay more attention?)  Develop specific objectives for THIS marketing plan: Specifically identify what goals your marketing communications plan will reach. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Create a new brand image? Change an existing image? See pages 100‐101. Heirarchy of Effects (149‐150) Communications strategy plan  You must include ideas for at least 6 different marketing communications ideas for the company from the following categories(one idea from each category): Traditional Media (Ch. 8) Digital Marketing (Ch. 9) Internet & Social Media Alternative Marketing (Ch. 10) Direct marketing & Personal Selling (Ch. 11) Sales promotions (Ch. 12) Public relations & Sponsorships (Ch. 13)  For each idea, you must include a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the idea (You can sketch out an ad or provide a .jpg of an ad you think your brand should emulate. You can create the content for a social media promotion. You can write out a direct email to be sent to customers. You can create a coupon. You can write a press release/detail how the company can get news coverage.    For each idea, you must discuss the TARGET AUDIENCE for the communication (if it is a facebook campaign, discuss the total number of fans and describe their characteristics, if it is a sales promotion, clarify who will receive the promo/coupon).  For each idea, you must include an estimate of the COST of the idea (if it is an ad in a local paper, radio, or TV channel, include a URL link to the cost on the media’s website, if it is a mail out, estimate the cost of printing and postage, if it is sponsoring an event or charity, give the amount to participate in the event, etc)  For each idea, you must include the OBJECTIVE of the communication: increase awareness by 10%, increase sales by 5%, generate a 10% response rate to a sales promotion, reach at least XX amount of people who open the email. Conclusions  Put it all together: suggest an “order” or schedule a calendar for the ideas so the company can integrate these ideas into a coherent campaign.    Discuss why you believe this IMC plan will enhance the company/brand, how the media plan matches the target market, & how it will differentiate the company/brand from its competitors.   References Additional materials (Appendices/Tables)

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