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You are about to commence a new research project in a field of your choice. You are expected to write a report that cons:tutes a research proposal. Business field related examples may include but are not limited to: ? Customer sa:sfac:on ? Employee sa:sfac:on ? Employee contribu:on ?Quality control effec:veness ?Perceived Organiza:onal Support ? Organiza:onal Commitment ?Wage Sa:sfac:on ?Leadership effec:veness ? Stock management ? Sale Forecas:ng ? Opera:ons research Working individually, youwill: Have chosen a clear and specific research ques:on/ aim/ hypothesis for yourresearch; Have contextualised your research ques:on/ aim within the academicliterature; Understand the philosophical and methodological bases for yourresearch; Have a sound method to address the research ques:on/ aim/hypothesis. Use APA style in-text cita8on andreferencing. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you iden:fy these sec:ons clearly as quota:ons. If you paraphrase any materials, you must iden:fy sources through in-textreferencing. This is an individual assignment please do not work closely with anyoneelse. Write 2500 words(+ or – 10%) excluding the header sheet, cover page, contents page, reference list, footnotes andappendices. Marks for criteria: Criteria 10% Focus and Comple8on Does the proposal address the set tasks in a meaningful manner? 10% Research Objec8ve Does the proposal clearly ar:culate 10% Synthesis and Soundness Does the proposal place the research objec:ve in the context of the relevant academic literature and any relevant past studies? Does the discussion demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of that literature? 40% Analy8cal Methods Does the proposal sensibly outline methods for accessing sources of data that will address or answer the research objec:ve? Are the calcula:on process and analysis results clear? 30% Clarity of Coding – Analy8cal Approach Is the calcula:on (R code/query) well organized, logically constructed and aden:ve to the needs of the user? 10% Mechanical Soundness Is the poreolio clearly wriden, spell Structuring the research proposal Introduc8on (~200words) Explain the issue you are examining and why it is significant. Describe the general area to be studied Explain why this area is important to the general area under study (e.g., psychology of language, second language acquisi:on, teaching methods)


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