osts April, as the most experienced veterinarian, costs $50 per hour to employ. Barry, as a… 1 answer below »

osts April, as the most experienced veterinarian, costs $50 per hour to employ. Barry, as a veterinarian, costs $42 per hour to employ. Charlotte costs $27 per hour to employ. These rates take into account other costs related to employment, you don’t need to add any additional offsets. All staff are also entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave, during which casual replacements are required at a cost of $54 per hour for the veterinarians and $35 per hour for Charlotte. During these four weeks, April, Barry, and Charlotte continue to be paid. Fixed costs such as permits, rent, and insurance are $18000 per year, and monthly utility costs (such as electricity and gas) are $460 per month. Task 1 – Wages and Fixed Costs Using Excel, create a spreadsheet called operating_costs.xlsx that calculates the projected annual outgoing costs of running Pawtastic Vets. Only include the above expenses. Your spreadsheet should be configured such that the working hours, hourly rates, and annual and monthly costs can be varied easily. After building the spreadsheet, use it to answer the following questions in your report: What is the projection of total costs for the next year, including labour, annual, and monthly costs? How much income does Pawtastic Vets need per month to cover the above costs? What is the projection of labour costs only for the next year, if both veterinarians were to cost $50 per hour, but the clinic closed on Wednesday? Document your findings in your report (approximately 100 words). History data When customers attend Pawtastic Vets, they have a consultation with whichever veterinarian is available that day. In order to improve their business processes, Charlotte has been keeping records of each consultation for several months in a spreadsheet. This data includes a date, the consultation type, the animal type, the expenses incurred (such as tests, protective equipment, and so on) and the price charged. CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 3 of 5 This spreadsheet is available for you to download on Moodle. Task 2 – History visualization Using Excel, process the history spreadsheet and use any appropriate charts to visualize: How some aspect of the business has changed over time (for example, prices, expenses, types of consultation, frequency of each animal, etc); and How some consultations differ between veterinarians. You will need to find a way to use Excel to associate each consultation with a staff member. Describe your approach and your findings in your report (approximately 250-400 words). Include your visualizations as images. Be sure to use appropriate titles and labels. Task 3 – Price consistency For vaccinations and check-ups, the team would like to standardize costs, so that the price for each is fixed for animals of the same type. Using Excel, analyse the historical data you have available, and create a spreadsheet that allows Charlotte to enter the animal type and consultation type, and gives a quote amount for vaccinations and check-ups. Ensure that your spreadsheet is usable – it should be simple and include appropriate text and formatting to make your spreadsheet easy to use by a member of the Pawtastic Vets team (or by a University lecturer). It is up to you to determine an appropriate quoting method. Describe and justify your approach, including how you tested your solution, in your report (approximately 150 words). Task 4 – Process improvement Research the consulation process used in a typical veterinary clinic. Make sure you reference any sources, or indicate if you are basing your work on personal knowledge. Using BPMN swimlane diagrams, show how the spreadsheet you created in Task 3 can be applied to improve the processes at Pawtastic Vets. Justify your approach in your report (approximately 150 words).

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