paoer 1 Strategic compensation is thought of by HR and Compensation professionals as a way to increa

paoer 1

Strategic compensation is thought of by HR and Compensation professionals as a way to increase the organizations goal of attracting and hiring the best employees. A successful compensation plan has three main functions, which are: to attract employees to an organization, reduce employee turnover and create high levels of efficacies in the organization.

The case study is attached called paper 1 this is a 2 page paper with 2 references minimum 


Do you feel the strategic compensation procedures discussed in this case study are a competitive advantage for the organization? Why or why not?

What do you think could enhance the tactical compensation decisions discussed in this case study?

What recommendations would you make to the VP, Twyla Thompson in regards to their benefit plan and the All-Star Team plan?

Include a citation of the case study and any other references you may have used for this assignment

  paper 2 

Kelly's Kar Kleaning is a full-service, high-tech, high-touch car wash. Mr. Kelly is customer-focused and gets a lot of repeat business. The job of attendant is a demanding one and fast paced. The starting pay is $8.00 an hour with brief training. The managers hire the staff. Mr. Kelly does not keep formal turnover data, but he thinks the turnover for attendants has been increasing. The managers are now complaining about the high level of turnover and the problems that creates. Mr. Kelly calls on you as an HR expert for assistance in figuring out what to do about the problem.

Conduct academic research on motivation and retention and, in a 2  page APA-formatted report, help Mr. Kelly by answering the following questions:

  • What methods can be used to motivate the attendants to remain satisfied with their job or improve their level of satisfaction?
  • What retention drivers (actions) would you suggest that he consider taking to reduce the turnover?
  • Putting yourself in Mr. Kelly's shoes, what further information do you need to know from the managers about the problem?

paper 3

Using the resources in your Reading area, as well as further research, determine what you think are they big five EEO-related laws. In a 2 page report, explain each law briefly and find one court case related to each law to report on. Conclude with how these laws, taken as a whole, provide for fairness in the workforce.

You will have to do additional research for this assignment. Please cite all your sources in APA format.

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