Please use this link to see all theinformation:

Please use this link to see all theinformation: 1040 Form: 10. Which allowable filing status is most advantageous toSamantha?                     A.           QualifyingWidow                           B.           Single                   C.           Married FilingSeparately                             D.           Head ofHousehold         11. Howard is Samantha’s qualifying person for which of thefollowing benefits?                   A.           Dependencyexemption                              B.           Child tax credit                C.           Earned income credit                    D.           All of theabove                                12. What is the credit for child and dependent care expensesshown in the tax and credits section of Samantha’s tax return? A.          $840                      B.           $882                      C.           $630                      D.           $600       13. What is the total amount of qualified educational expensesused in the calculation of Samantha’s American opportunity credit?$________ 14. What is the amount of self-employment tax in the Other Taxessection of Samantha’s Form 1040, page 2? A.          $0           B.          $74         C.          $148       D.          $161          15. Samantha’s unemployment income does not need to be reportedon her taxreturn.              True False 16. Where is the cancelled debt from Form 1099-C reported onSamantha’s tax return?                A.           It is not reported on the return                B.           On Form 1040, line 7 as wages                   C.           On Form 1040, line 21 as other income                  D.           On Schedule A as a miscellaneousdeduction      17. Samantha qualifies for an exception to the 10% additionaltax on the early distribution from herIRA.               True False . . .

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