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POLICING PAPER ASSIGNMENT SOC130 Introduction to Criminology


In a previous extra credit assignment, you examined how non-fiction documentaries

represented crime. For this assignment, please select one episode from a fiction-based

television series or a movie that deals with policing and law enforcement. The type of

show you choose is entirely up to you. For example, you could watch one or two

episodes of a fictional cop show that focuses on catching counterfeiters or watch a movie

that represents the lives of police officers. The only selection requirement is that it

should be fiction and strongly related to policing. Whatever you choose, I want it to be

something that people enjoy consuming. If you get stuck and need help selecting a show,

email me and I can give you suggestions.

After you watch your show(s), please develop a three-page paper that examines how your

show communicates the “reality” of policing. How you do this is mostly up to you and

will depend partly on the show/movie you select. However, your overall goal for this

paper should be to analyze how the TV show/movie represents policing, and how that

might influence the public’s understanding of this type of criminal justice work.

Structure of the Paper

A. Introduction:

You should write a very brief introductory paragraph where you introduce the show/movie

you choose.

B. Critical Review and Discussion

In this section (which should comprise most of the paper) you should critically review and

analyze the show/movie. While your paper can briefly describe the main plot points, you

should not provide a point-by-point summary everything that happened in your show.

Instead, I want you to critically discuss and analyze how the show/movie constructs

policing. For example, your paper could address one or more of the following questions.

What does this show tell us about the police/law enforcement? If all of the public’s

knowledge about policing/law enforcement came from this source, what would they “know”

about this institution? How accurate is this representation of policing? Does the show or

movie imply that there is one particular way that policing/law enforcement should be conducted? Are there any potential consequences for how policing is represented in this


Overall, I am willing to grant you some flexibility in how you structure this section. You

also have a great deal of discretion regarding the types of issues, questions, and concerns

you raise. However, your discussion must be thoughtful and well reasoned.

C. Conclusion

In this section, you should provide a summary of your argument and very briefly reflect on

the implications of your findings.

Citations If you use other people’s ideas or material, you must cite them using the APA citation style. If you only cite the class reading, you do not need to create a bibliography (just cite the author’s last name and the page number in the text). If you use outside material, then you should create a bibliography. Please visit Purdue University’s OWL Writing Center for further information on the APA citation style:

Outside Research Please note that you are not required to conduct external research to write this essay (though you can, if you like…). Just make sure you cite the outside material and include it in your bibliography.


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