provide a brief overview of the situation that is currently facing Emma Richardson at this point… 1 answer below »

This is an individual assignment worth250points. The purpose is to integrate and apply the many ideas that we studied in this course as we analyze and make recommendations for Emma Richardson of TerraCog. Please pay close attention to the structural requirements for this case:A.INTRODUCTION–please provide a brief overview of the situation that is currently facing Emma Richardson at this point in time, and the key players that are involved in the situation (this can be done in one or two paragraphs).B.ANALYSIS–please select6-8 concepts that we have studied, and make sure to outline your paper so that each of the6-8 concepts is clearly identified as a sub-heading for that section of your analysis. You may not select more than 2 of the concepts that were used by your group for the paper a few weeks ago, and the concepts you select must represent a broad range of ideas from many different chapters of the textbook. For each concept, please describe what the concept is about (show your mastery of knowledge about the concept) as well as explain how the concept is relevant to your analysis of what is going on in the situation that Emma Richardson is facing at Terra Cog. This is not a research paper, and therefore, you do not need to cite your sources unless you use a quoted sentence from either the text or the case, in which case, please use APA formatting for your citations. This should be a relatively infrequent occurrence in your writing, as I am mostly interested in how you understand these concepts in your own words. The analysis section should represent 80% of the writing of the paper.C.RECOMMENDATIONS–imagine that Emma has asked you “what would you do?” for this situation. With the framework of concepts we have studied in this course, give Emma3-4recommendations in assertive action language. These do not need to be explained in terms of“why”you think these are good recommendations, but they do need details on“what”it looks like to take the actions that you are recommending. Since you are not explaining “why,” this section can be relatively small in comparison to the analysis section. Make sure to identify clearly when you are moving from one recommendation topic to the next by using sub-headings or numbers or some other format.This paper will be graded on a rubric with the following criteria:?Clarity of the problem/situation statement in your introduction?Number, relevance, and breadth of concepts selected for analysis?Demonstration of knowledge and application of concepts?Effectiveness of recommendations, linked to concepts we have studied, providing action language?Clarity of written communication, structure, and grammar

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