Question 1 A problem that is best solved by someone with a high level of technical knowledge and exp

Question 1

  1. A problem that is best solved by someone with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise would require _________________________________
  2. high quality but low acceptance
  3. high quality and high acceptance
  4. low quality and low acceptance
  5. low quality but high acceptance

Question 2

  1. According to “The Conflict Grid” approach to conflict management, within the workplace it is possible to have concern for results and concern for people at the same time
  2. True
  3. False

Question 3

  1. All conflict occurs as a result of people not understanding each other’s viewpoints
  2. True
  3. False

Question 4

  1. All of the following are effective strategies for successfully building a team except ___________________
  2. helping team members understand their role on the team
  3. building a culture of accountability
  4. ensuring that team members are committed to the team
  5. discouraging change and creative innovation within the team

Question 5

  1. Conflict only has undesirable consequences
  2. True
  3. False

Question 6

  1. Kurt Lewin’s force field analysis argues that competing forces help to establish the status quo within a workplace
  2. True
  3. False

Question 7

  1. Social psychologists and communication researchers believe that people inevitably disagree when they interact
  2. True
  3. False

Question 8

  1. Tania and her team at work need to make a decision about the upcoming year’s vacation schedule Tania thinks it would be best for vacation time to be based on job performance alone She forces her will on the group This method of decision making is known as _______________
  2. majority vote
  3. consensus
  4. railroading
  5. teaming up

Question 9

  1. The principled negotiation method argues that conflict can be reduced by _____________________________
  2. simply avoiding the conflict and allowing things to improve over time
  3. minimizing the use of brainstorming sessions
  4. separating people from their position on the problem
  5. seeking and using subjective, rather than objective, criteria in the discussion

Question 10

  1. When the newest iPhone comes out, Henry feels rather suspicious of those who promote the new technology Rather than buy a new iPhone, Henry feels perfectly content using his flip-phone Considering his reaction to the iPhone, Henry would fall into which of the following categories?
  2. innovators
  3. laggards
  4. early adopters
  5. late majority
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