Reflective Practise Assessment: Nursing Assignment Statement: “ As an educational strategy,…

Reflective Practise Assessment: Nursing Assignment

“As an educational strategy, reflection allows nurses to explore clinical experiences and the thoughts and feelings associated with the experience, allowing for a change in beliefs and assumptions, emergence of new knowledge, and a transformation of clinical practice (Asselin & Fain, 2013; Dube & Ducharme, 2014; Horton-Deutsch, 2012).
Standard 8 of the Standards for Practice: Enrolled Nurses (January 2016) identifies Reflective and Analytical Practice as a required competency.


1. Using literature to support your stance, discuss the role of reflective practice for the Enrolled Nurse.
2. Reflect on your nursing education journey to date, incorporating experiences in the clinical and theoretical domains. Using one of the Models of reflective practice, demonstrate how your learning has been enhanced by your clinical and theoretical experiences.
3. Reflective and analytic practice provides that nursing care is informed by research evidence indicators (Standard 8). Discuss how the learning and clinical activities you have undertaken have enabled you to work toward meeting this standard. What further learning/reflecting/practicing do you need to achieve competency?

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