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Rely 2 Module 1 DQ 1 rely 2 Write an initial substantive response of 150 words in length. Begin your response with a restatement of the question/prompt, and include in-text citation(s) and a reference for each scholarly source used according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide located in the Student Success Center. The restatement of the question/prompt, the references, and the citations are not included in your response word count. Karleen Goerke The self-assessment was a bit overwhelming as I have not been in school for nineteen years. The past year I have been teaching and it has aided in my transition, at least to an online format. I feel my greatest strength is my preparation. I have a great support system and I have done my research so preparedness is present. The last year I have transitioned to my current job, teaching in higher education. This in and of itself has been a vast preparatory step. My oldest son finished his doctoral work in May and my youngest son is in his final year of his undergraduate program, releasing valuable time. All of my family is incredibly supportive of this goal for me, as they are aware of my need for learning. All of my coworkers have been prepping me, if not forcing me. I have been a student of the “critically reflective practice” as used by Brookfield in some of the sentinel work for critical thinking and “formative evaluations”. (Brookfield, 1998). This approach has a student evaluating through different sets of lenses, their own decisions and reactions to those decisions. In an article from Meanwell and Kleiner, 2014, the authors discuss the emotions that occur with teaching in higher education, and I would guess these would apply to learning as well. I have experienced the highs and lows discussed in the article throughout my career, this past year with a job change and am anticipating with this educational process. Practicing reflection will help me breakdown the pieces and parts and…


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