Research tells us that many of the companies that exist today at least half of these businesses… 1 answer below »

For the second section of your Term Project you are to write a 3 page paper, APA formatted. The paper will include an effective introduction and conclusion. It will also include proper headings and titles per APA guidelines.

Section II of your paper will address the following material for learning.

Research tells us that many of the companies that exist today at least half of these businesses will fail. In most companies that fail, there is ample evidence that the business is in trouble. Many times leaders fail to face reality; they know there are problems but ignore them. For those leaders who recognize the danger the company is in they can’t grasp what it means to the company. Senge believes that the reason organizations fail or operate at dismal levels of performance is due to their inability to learn and apply this learning to create a learning organizational culture. Senge (2010) argues that the, “ way they are designed and managed, the way people’s jobs are defined , and, most importantly, the way we have all been taught to think and interact (not only in organizations but more broadly) create fundamental learning disabilities” (p.18).

When you think about your company and the seven learning disabilities discuss at least three learning disabilities that you have noticed in your company. For each of the learning disabilities identify and define the learning disability, discuss how it is manifested in your company’s actions, how it prevents you and your fellow employees to learn and what you would do as a leader to fix the problem.

See rubric on next page for grading criteria.

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