ROLE PLAY 7 Old ways, new tricks Jenny: Long tenured Employee Jenny is the Training Manager in a…

ROLE PLAY 7 Old ways, new tricks Jenny: Long tenured Employee

Jenny is the Training Manager in a large organisation and knows everybody likes her. Her courses are fun, and employees always getwhat they want, Jenny’s approach being “the customer is always right”. Jenny has had a long career in training and development, and she thinks of it as an easy living. She prides herself on the fact she is good at working the politics and keeping management happy. As retirement is approaching in a few years, she intends to coast comfortably into pension land and based on colleagues who have left before, this seems to be the expected approach for her to take. Jenny has been asked by her colleague and friend in HR, Sue, to meet with her about the current review of training being completed by HR. Due to their long-standing friendship and frequent conversations about work, Jenny expects to be told by Sue to continue to work in her usual manner for the next 12 months.

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ROLE PLAY 7 Old ways, new tricks Sue: Human Resources

The company president has approached you as Head of the HRM Directorate to look more closely at the way training is delivered. The president acknowledged that in the current cycle employees were each given up to 30 hours training a year, but in her new vision, this is not the way to go forward. She is aware of Jenny’s popularity among the employees butknows this current approach is not delivering what the organisation needed, a 50% growth in productivity that would ensure sustainability in the current market. The company president has told you to work with Jenny to develop a new proposal going forward.

You already have a meeting planned with Jenny, a long-time friend, as her performance review is due. Although your initial thoughts were aligned with Jenny, to let her coast to retirement as reward for her many years of good performance and loyalty, you now know this can’t happen and need to readjust your thinking and talk with Jenny about her new role.

Note: I need a role play dialogue between Sue and Jenny for about 4 pages and mainly focusing on Human Resource’s part.

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