SPSS assignment for a psychology course . I have all the data, and 6…

SPSS assignment for a psychology course. I have all the data, and 6 questions that need to be answered.

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Statistics Stream Assignment A cognitive psychologist has been studying how short-term memory is influenced by three things: (1) Whether people are primed to use memory “intuitively” or “deliberately”, (2) their ability to deliberate about their own cognitive processes, and (3) cognitive style variables. She has set up an experiment where participants are randomly assigned to one of two conditions: “prime”: -1 = deliberation-primed 1 = intuition-primed. Prior to the experimental memorization task, they complete a test of deliberation ability (“ability”) and a battery of cognitive style measures (“v1-v17”). The memorization task involves reading a description of the prosecution case put to a jury for a murder trial. Her dependent variables are how many facts of the case out of 30 the participant correctly recalls (“r”), the amount of time taken in recalling them (RT), and whether the participant thinks the defendant is guilty or not guilty (guilt, with 0 = not guilty and 1 = guilty). TASKS: 1. Conduct the appropriate data checking, cleaning and screening of the data for the RT variable, ability, prime, guilt, and r variables. You need not do this for v1-v17. 2. Variables v1-v17 are scales from three batteries of cognitive style measures. Conduct a principal components analysis (PCA) to assess the number of components that plausibly underlie all of these variables. Use a varimax rotation for the final solution. Save the 2component solution factor scores to use as IVs in the remainder of this assignment. In this part of your assignment, address the following questions: a. Would a one-component solution be an adequate summary of the entire collection of variables? Why or why not? b. Are there any items that could be dropped from the two component solution? Why or why not (and if so, which ones)? 3. Two major hypotheses of this study are that deliberation ability will have a positive effect on response time, and intuition…


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