Suzan is a long-term employee at the healthcare facility. She is typically shy but pleasant to be…

Question 1

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Imagine you are a new hire in a healthcare facility and are working closely with Suzan.

Suzan is a long-term employee at the healthcare facility. She is typically shy but pleasant to be around. The only time when Suzan is outspoken is when something is bothering her beyond her scope of control. Recently, Suzan experienced several personal issues and she finds herself draining all her resources to fix them. You are aware that she is highly stressed out because she confided in you and a select few others at the office. However, Suzan’s work does not seem to be affected by her personal issues.


The department supervisor, Carlos, asked you to complete a high-profile project today. All the healthcare facility management will be focused on this project, so Carlos expects the outcome to be of high quality. You then realize that the project assignment requires the perspective of a new hire (that’s you) rather than a long-term employee. You are excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to starting your first project.

Shortly after your talk with Carlos, you receive an email from Suzan.

email from suzan

In the space below, compose a response email to Suzan. Be sure to incorporate the following:

  • Background and Scenario information (+2 points)
  • The application of concepts learned this week:
    • Self-Management (+2 points)
    • Social Awareness (+2 points)
    • Relationship Management (+2 points)
  • Clear and easy to understand language (+2 points)
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