The Current Events assignment (due on 3/4) is designed as a way for students to demonstrate the impo

The Current Events assignment (due on 3/4) is designed as a way for students to demonstrate the importance of cultural anthropology in gaining a global perspective on the political, economic, and cultural issues of our contemporary era.


In order to complete this assignment you must choose a current event (local, regional, national, international news) that you would like to explore (you can bring in a newspaper article, blog, notes from a TV news source, etc.). It can be a broad topic, with several key articles focused on a particular perspective. Or it can be an isolated incident, but one which can be related to a broader issue impacting human life today.


You will then write an essay where you will 1) describe and summarize various perspectives on the issue you have chosen (remember, anthropology is a holistic discipline so it is important to consider all sides of a debate) and 2) Explain how it relates to topics explored in class, and 3) offer up your own analysis of the current issue. Do you have any bias for or against a particular perspective? If so, why? An above average Current events assignment must meet the following requirements:


  • You must write in a manner that is concise, grammatically correct, properly punctuated, and with accurate spelling.
  • You must turn it in on time.
  • You should aim for your essay to be between 200 – 400 words.
  • You must correctly cite all words and ideas that are not your own.
  • You must use evidence from news articles and the textbook to support any and all claims that you make.
  • You must demonstrate how the current event chosen relates to topics explored in class.
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