The following fictitious flyer would have been sent out in a massive mailing to solicit business. Af

The following fictitious flyer would have been sent out in a massive mailing to solicit business. After reading the flyer below, answer the following questions using specific class text terms and concepts.

1. Does the flyer follow the principles of organized writing?

2. Does the flyer demonstrate the principles of clear writing?

The flyer stated:

Sometimes acceptance can be found without express written consent, such as in implied acceptance. This is what repair shops argue when they add charges. The elements of a valid contract are offer, acceptance, and consideration. The parties determine consideration and courts do not evaluate whether the consideration was adequate as the parties are free to determine the value of the bargain, respectively.

Hello! Have you been to a car repair shop and they stack on all kinds of services on the final bill? This could be a breach of the contract that you signed when you consented for the repair shop to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and discover any problems. They tell that you need an alignment and the final bill has a fuel flushing and rust proofing service in addition. You shouldnt have to pay for this because the repair shop did not have your consent to perform the additional services, yet they will threaten to recover under the theory of unjust enrichment.

My law firm specializes in helping service victims recover the monies spent when chain auto repair shops abuse their power by using jargon and terms that the customer does not understand for their profit. If we cannot collect the legal way, then we sell the debt to a private collection agency that operates out of a Waste Management facility. In essence, if we dont recover, you dont pay!

78% of all repair shop bills have charges for services that the customer did not consent to. Chances are that three out of the five times that you have been to a repair shop additional services have been added without your consent.

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