The program is a simple dungeon exploration game similar to “Hunt the Wumpus”. The “moss monster”…

1.2 System Overview

The program is a simple dungeon exploration game similar to “Hunt the Wumpus”. The “moss monster”

lives in a complex of thirty-six (36) caves with only one entrance to the “outside” world. In the complex

is a treasure of gold that the player needs to find and exit. Perils for the player include pits and large

bats that will lift the player to other parts of the dungeon. Most perilous of all is the “moss monster”.

The moss monster is a creature that can move about the dungeon, can move over pits, and is too

difficult for bats to lift. Meeting the moss monster is certain death for the player. Fortunately, the

moss monster is not initially aware that the player has entered the dungeon. However, as the player

moves about, the monster may become aware and move to catch the player. If available, the player

may throw a grenade that temporally stuns the moss monster.

The system assumes a single computer program operating over a “common” operating system such as

Windows or Linux and a common personal computing (PC) hardware platform such as an IBM-PC. The

program will be employed by a single user. User interaction is via text. Files are used to maintain game


The game is developed as part of the course MGT 5150 in the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)


1.3 Document Overview

This is a complete system specification for the Management of Software Systems (MOSS) game. It

provides the high-level requirements for operation and execution of the MOSS game.

The document follows the format in the data item description (DID) DI-IPSC-81431A, System/Subsystem


System requirements are identified by “shall” statements and by use of a four-digit project unique

identifier (PUI) with an ‘SS’ prefix.

There is no associated interface requirements specification (IRS) document.

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