What are the problems in the case study or topic that you are addressing including relevant… 1 answer below »

Step 1(10 pts.): What are the problems in the case study or topic that you are addressing including relevant background information learned from your reading/research? You will receive only half credit is you essentially copy and paste the sentences above. Put it in your own words and add your relevant background information.

Step 2 (15 pts.): Give a summary/overview of multiple approaches to solving the problem. What are some different avenues to addressing or tackling the problem(s) above?

Step 3 (20 pts.): Now provide more specific information for each approach discussed in step 2; give a detailed summary of multiple possible solutions to the problem.

Step 4(25 pts.): Evaluate each solution thoroughly from above with highly detailed information. This step may include pros and cons of your solution in a broad sense.

Step 5 (20 pts.): Choose one of the solutions from step 4 and now thoroughly evaluate the impact of that solution including any ethical dilemmas, economic impacts, and environment effects whether positive or negative that need to be recognized. Are there any other large-scale impacts to community or the country that you can think of? Is this solution realistic and feasible to carry

out? If you feel that multiple solutions are required to simultaneously address the problem then you would not be penalized for that but make sure you thoroughly evaluate each and how your solutions weave together in order to form a solid resolution to the problem.

Step 6 (10 pts.): Analyze your thinking throughout the problem-solving process and include explicitly what needs to be addressed in future work in relation to this particular study or issue.


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