write a function that will use current time (ashour,minute,second)after getting some hour,minute,sec

write a function that will use current time (ashour,minute,second)after getting some hour,minute,secondvalues.Function wil add these hours,minutes,seconds tocurrent timeand will find the new time.

NOTE:if time passes the current day after addition you have to showthat too.after today and tomorrow,program will say2 days later,3days later…

NOTE:program will change the current time so variables of currenttime must be global variables.

void ChangeTime(int add_hour,int add_minute,int add_sec);

NOTE:time will be based on 24 hour clock

NOTE:program will continue running in a loop untill user enters -1after calculation.

NOTE:dont allow user to enter invalid values.

NOTE:you will use LOOPS to build an efficient algorithm


enter current time (hh mm ss): 20 20 40

enter values to add (hh mm ss): 5 10 20


time after calculation:1:21:00. Tomorrow

continue? (-1 for exit,0 for continue): 0

enter current time(hh mm ss):10 48 28

enter values to add (hh mm ss): 2 55 23


time after calculation: 13:43:51. Today

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