Write a social work assessment of Amanda’s situation using the Multidimensional Approach…. 1 answer below »

formation about the take home exam, including a marking rubric, will be posted here on the 16th March 2020.

Take home exam – 1500 words (30%)

Due: Monday 23rd March 2020– Please submit your answers in a Word document via Turnitin.

This exam:

• assesses your understanding of the relevance of human development theories for engaging with people at different points across the lifespan &

• asks you to identify the ways in which social workers can work with individuals, groups and communities to respond effectively to health and disability needs.

1. Social Work Assessment (750 words)

Please return to the story about Amanda from the ABC program Attitudes. You can access the links to the recordings in the Study Guide and here: ‘Amanda’s recovery’ .

Write a social work assessment of Amanda’s situation using the Multidimensional Approach. Where appropriate illustrate your points by referencing Amanda’s story and the unit material. However, please keep direct quotes as brief as possible. The quotes should be referenced to their timing in the program.

2. Social work intervention (750 words)

Describe social work practicein supporting Amanda’s coping strategies and fostering her resilience and recovery. Include examples of appropriate and comprehensive social work interventions. Interventions should span the dimensions of the multidimensional approach.

Marking Criteria

Evidence of:

  • Analysis and formulation of Amanda’s embodied experience, including how she is coping and recovering, in accordance with the multidimensional approach; (15%)
  • appropriate, accurate and comprehensive description and application of social work practice that supports Amanda’s coping strategies and foster her resilience and recovery; (10%) and
  • academic integrity including clarity of expression, appropriate referencing and, absence of typographical errors. (5%)

Note: There is no set format for your answers. Please choose a written format which ensures that you are able to effectively communicate your answers to the marker. However, please reference the sources of your information and do not write in dot points.

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