You are required to identify the critical issues related to globalisation, value chain or/and…

You are required to identify the critical issues related to globalisation, value chain

or/and supply chain management. Providing supportive resources, including primary or

secondary data from the selected firm, would be useful to describe the problems you

identified. It is better to use some techniques mentioned in the class for analysing a

problem and provide a detailed action plan to improve an organisation’s performance

over a period of 12 months. The report should be written concisely and structured in

the following way:

1) Organisation selection – this section briefly describes background research and

the organization identified.

2) Problem identification and analysis – this part mainly identifies the issues faced

by the organization. Adoption of appropriate method/technique is useful for

analysis, such as cause-effect analysis, value chain framework, etc.

3) Recommendation/Implementation – this portion describes at least two

recommendations based on the problem identified in the previous section. The

recommendations have to be specific and practical. It includes a diagram showing

the detailed activities, activity duration, milestones, and ensures that the

implementation is accomplished on time and the problems are solved. The

implementation plan shows the step by step approach required to cope with the



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